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This course satisfies your FP-Canada annual requirement for 2 Professional Responsibility credits.

Provincial Life Credits: 3 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 3 credits (2 Professional Responsibility, 1 Financial Planning)
Institute Members:: 3 credits (2 Ethics)
IIROC Credits: 3 credits (Compliance)
MFDA Credits: 3 credits (Business Conduct – Non-Ethics)

Here is a course focussed on what actions comprise conflict of interest (COI) for investment advisors and insurance agents, how they can be managed and mitigated, and the personal development efforts you can undertake to help defeat COI from arising.

You will complete this course with:

  • Constructive ideas to implement to avoid COI in your behaviour;
  • Important insight on how COI develops and how it can be mitigated personally and professionally;
  • Answers to some of the big issues about COI and its insidious effects on advice and professional conduct;
  • Valuable case studies to illustrate COI and its outcome.

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