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If efficiency is important to you, look no further than this package to complete all your IIROC CE requirements for this cycle; the next time you’ll be facing IIROC CE will be 2024 or 2025. Start now and also use the multiple accreditations to satisfy other CE requirements this year, and perhaps next.

IIROC Credits: 30 credits (20 Professional Development, 10 Compliance)
Provincial Life Credits: 34 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
Provincial A&S Credits: 6 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 38 credits (35 Financial Planning, 3 Professional Responsibility)
Institute Members: 28 credits (1 Ethics)
MFDA Credits: n.a.

This comprehensive package includes these courses:

• Anti-Money Laundering
• The Art and Science of Suitability
• Complaint Handling and Avoidance
• The Financial Planning Mistakes of Clients (and how to fix them)
• Know Your Client: Its Challenges and Rewards
• A Surviving Spouse: Insurance Considerations and Financial Plans
• Why Ethics Matter

Details on these courses are provided below.

Anti-Money Laundering

  • Review how money laundering is accomplished, and how it is stopped;
  • Understand, in order to implement, the elements of a compliance program;
  • Gain an up-to-date understanding of know-your-client directives, reporting and record-keeping requirements.

The Art and Science of Suitability

  • Optimize suitability for insurance and investment products;
  • Implement a holistic approach that looks at total needs, situations, weaknesses, and strengths of the individual with the products and services available to the individual;
  • Understand how priorities affect decisions;
  • Execute the suitability checklist.

Complaint Handling and Avoidance

  • Learn what happens when a complaint is filed, and mitigation measures to prevent complaints;
  • Find out what to expect if a complaint is made about you, and your role in the investigation process;
  • Read extensive case studies in each of insurance, FP Canada, the MFDA and IIROC complaint hearings;
  • Gain vital knowledge on how to avoid a complaint in addition to how resolution can be brought about.

The Financial Planning Mistakes of Clients (and how to fix them)

  • Covers eight common mistakes clients make, and the loss of opportunities that result from their errors;
  • Head off the inevitable crash landings that arise from arrogance and misperceptions;
  • Help clients to get on the right track, stay there, and reap the rewards.

Know Your Client: Its Challenges and Rewards

  • Addresses the new client-focussed reforms as they apply to know your client requirements;
  • Reviews what comprises essential facts and their relevance;
  • Illustrates the relationship between KYC and suitability;
  • Check your decisions with a blueprint for action.

A Surviving Spouse: Insurance Considerations and Financial Plans

  • Covers a broad range of insurance and investment matters relevant to a surviving spouse’s changed circumstances;
  • Equips you to plan ahead for both spouses and the survivor’s needs alone;
  • Adds to your perspective about retirement planning while delivering lots of can-do ideas.

Why Ethics Matter

  • Understand the reasons ethics are essential personally and professionally;
  • Read case studies that illustrate ethical lapses;
  • Discover how to become a more ethical person and the steps to ethical decisions;
  • Develop a personal code of ethics to practice and live by.

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