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The continuing education (CE) requirement for life agents regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), previously the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), requires 30 hours of CE every two years. CE courses are not approved, recommended, or endorsed by FSRA. However, the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) accredits courses for life agents. The courses in this package have all met with the approval of AIC for life agents and others, as noted above. This provides assurance of their acceptance in the event of a FSRA audit.

Your Certificate may display more, never less, credits than shown above. This is due to the continuing recertification of courses.

Ontario (FSRA/FSCO) Life Credits: 30 credits
CFP® Certificants: 30 credits (29 Financial Planning, 1 Professional Responsibility)
Institute Members: 30 credits (including Ethics)
MFDA Credits: 16 credits (Professional Development)

You will receive:

• Financial Planning for Life Series: Getting the Financial House in Order
• Good Business: Lessons for Success
• Know Your Product: Obligations, Products and Strategies
• Practical Client Risk Analysis
• Financial Planning for Life Series: Savings and Debt
• Property Matters: Property, Beneficiaries, Tax and Life Insurance

Details on these courses are provided below.

Financial Planning for Life Series: Getting the Financial House in Order

  • Build a sound financial house for clients of all ages with financial basics you can share;
  • Understand how a will and insurance protects assets and beneficiaries so that you can equip your clients with vital financial know-how;
  • Explore general issues of financial preparedness;
  • Use the comprehensive information to support and grow your client base.

Good Business: Lessons for Success

  • Link sales with suitability for best client outcomes;
  • Learn the importance of setting financial goals across all ages;
  • Achieve clarity in virtual and in-person meetings and your writing;
  • Measure your behaviour against common ethical standards;
  • Implement best practices that pay off.

Know Your Product: Obligations, Products and Strategies

  • Reviews many types of investments (including crypto, ETFs, options, private placements and life insurance) to provide a consistent, customer-focussed product overview and comparison;
  • Small case stories throughout supplement learning;
  • Enables compliance with client interest first directives.

Practical Client Risk Analysis

  • Find out how Covid-19 affects underwriting, application and policy denial, claims, and your communication strategy with your client;
  • Includes information on virtual meetings and electronic signatures: the new way of doing business;
  • Find ideas to help you succeed in trying times.

Financial Planning for Life Series: Savings and Debt

  • Go beyond the tick-the-box approach to risk to try and get a real handle on making risk relevant and appropriate to individuals and their circumstances;
  • Review the role of disclosure to risk;
  • Note the three measurements in a risk profile: tolerance, capacity, and need;
  • Conclude with a new appreciation for the depth and breadth of risk management.

Property Matters: Property, Beneficiaries, Tax and Life Insurance

  • Build an estate plan properly — based on the value of assets in the estate and how they can be transitioned to beneficiaries;
  • Understand where, when, and how taxes are applied;
  • Identify the role and adequacy of insurance;
  • Help clients plan now for peace of mind later.

This is a smart and efficient way of completing your CE credits — and receiving immediate regulator-approved Certificates.

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