C'LIFE Corporate Connection

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You can provide an exceptional benefit to your existing advisors-agents and increase the appeal of your firm to new hires. Grow market share! Enjoy consistency of learning. Depend on content that serves advisor/agent needs and needs of consumers. Ensure compliance with regulator requirements.

We understand that, for compliance purposes, you may want or need to review an existing course prior to implementation in your firm. This is easily accomplished! Just ask!

When you’re ready, here is how to implement C’LIFE CE in your firm:

  1. Ask us for a corporate discount code. We will provide you with an exclusive coupon code that is for use by your firm only for the available discount on a course or courses. You distribute the coupon code to your employees and by doing so, they receive a benefit of affiliation with your firm.
    Pros: fast implementation, easily done, immediate benefit, no cost to you, accreditations already done, you set the schedule for email messages, you can cherry-pick the courses you want your agent-advisors to take.
    Cons: none.

  2. License a course or courses. Brand a course with your firm’s name and distribute it to your employees or provide the course as a seminar that you provide based on our content.
    Pros: promotion of the firm, control over method and timing of distribution, accreditations already done for print version of course.
    Cons: employee time spent on distribution and creation of seminar, logistics of distributing branded course and its test.

  3. Provide us with your email list, and we will email the offer of your choice. Email message to be written by you or us.
    Pros: fast implementation, little time and effort on the part of your firm, small cost for email preparation, accreditations already done.
    Cons: potential privacy concerns even with permission of recipients.

  4. Tell us what you need or want in a course --- subject, credit hours, or type of accreditation ----and we can develop it for you.
    Pros: custom content without the need for in-house resources.
    Cons: development time, need for internal structure for approvals, accreditation costs, significant expense.

  5. We build a website that duplicates our catalogue under your brand.
    Pros: Develops an impressive presence for the firm in advisor education; control over which courses appear in catalogue; orders processed through our secure system. 
    Cons: expense; time to build site and test functionality; customer service handled by you; need for site maintenance, significant expense.

Whatever option or options you choose, your firm wins.

Take it from us; we are CE experts. Bring our expertise to work for you.
To explore the C’LIFE corporate connection, please contact:

Niles Aavasalmi